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The Confident Boss Facebook Room

May 14, 2020 3:00 pm EST




streaming on Facebook

from May 4 - to May 8

A FIVE-day summit of talks AND activities TO




FITNESS: 9:00 am EST, Alexa Massie: How Alexa used COVID-19 to her advantage by solidifying her place as a fitness professional. She will also offer tips, advice, and how workouts are helping others to get through uncertain times.

DISCOVERING YOUR SUPERPOWER: 10:00 AM EST, Haley Thomas: Haley will discuss how to identify your superpower and how to lean into it with confidence. You will be inspired to own who you are as you embrace the beautiful spirit within.

PRODUCTIVITY: 11:00 AM EST, Nicole Seawell: Nicole will help you figure out which projects to tackle based on when you are most analytical, creative, and collaborative.

PRODUCTIVITY: 1:00 pm EST, Brandee Gaar: Long-term vs. day to day goal setting.

JOURNALING: 2: 00 pm EST, Charlene Trinsi: Charlene will discuss feeling your way through uncertain times and how she managed to get over her overwhelming feelings and went back to work on brand awareness.

PIVOTING YOUR BUSINESS DURING COVID-19: 2:40 pm EST, Alexa Massie: Alexa will discuss the journey she took to move her fitness business online.

MINDFULNESS: 3:00 pm EST, Sarah Lacko: Sarah will discuss the benefits of visualizing success.


FITNESS: 9:00 am EST, Natalie Orr: Natalie will offer a free Latin Goddess Dance class with empowering music from female artists. This class focuses on the feeling of moving your body. Natalie will discuss how building the connection to your divine feminine who is strong, sensual, playful, and balanced.

DISCOVERING YOUR SUPERPOWER: 10:00 AM EST: Delia Arnon-Gyger:Delia will discuss how your superpower lies hidden in our core values. She will deliver a message on how once people figure out what truly matters to them and what drives them, people can use the information to define their vision, aspirations, and mission in life.

PRODUCTIVITY: 11:00 AM EST, Laura McDowell:Laura will discuss dealing with feelings of overwhelm and being bogged down. She will also discuss the benefits of outsourcing some of your work.

JOURNALING: 1:00 PM EST, BriAnne Bell:BriAnne will discuss the importance of having a morning routine, praying, and intentionally focusing on who you want to be and where you want to go

MINDFULNESS: 2:00 pm EST, Hillary Vance: Hillary will discuss the importance of mindfulness and meditation and how the practice saved her life.

MOMPRENEUR: 3:00 pm EST, Amber Dietz:Amber will discuss setting boundaries when finding the balance between being a mom and entrepreneur.


FITNESS: 9:00 AM EST: Amber Smith: Amber will provide a free fitness class and discuss her health and wellness 30 day challenge coaching business.

DISCOVERING YOUR SUPERPOWER: 10:00 AM EST, Susan Buettner: Susan will discuss her journey from Attorney to Realtor.

PRODUCTIVITY: 11:00 AM EST, Susan Buettner: Susan will discuss the resiliency you need to keep pushing forward.

AFTERNOON TEA: 12:00 pm EST, BriAnneBell & Lauren Grummert: BriAnne will take you through journaling exercises before you take part in afternoon tea. After journaling, Lauren will facilitate a group tea time where you will get to discuss your breakthroughs with your peers.

JOURNALING: 2:00 pm EST, Amelia Rose: Amelia will discuss how to become more aware of your feelings, noticing negative thought patterns, and creating positive change in your life.

MINDFULNESS: 3:00 pm EST, Brooke Shelton: Brooke will discuss the importance of resilience for ourselves and for our businesses. She will explore the many facets of resilience and how it can manifest across time, as well as provide key steps to successfully and preemptively exercise this muscle.

MOMPRENEUR: 4:00 pm EST, Brandee Gaar: Juggling life as a mompreneur.


FITNESS: 9:00 AM EST, Maggie Forrest, You are going to get energized through health & fitness before you spend your last days planning out your passion calendar.

DISCOVERING YOUR SUPERPOWER: 10:00 AM EST, Lauren Grummert: The Host of the IGNITE Your Passion Virtual Summit will discuss how you can pinpoint your passions and superpower. She will also discuss her journey of discovery and where she’s headed next.

PRODUCTIVITY: 11:00 AM EST: Emily Feairs: Emily will teach you how to set boundaries to be more productive.

PRODUCTIVITY: 1:00 PM EST, Emily McDermott: Emily will teach you how to eliminate, automate, and delegate the tasks that don't bring you joy.

JOURNALING: 2:00 pm EST: Delicia Alarcon: Delicia Will discuss a journaling technique she uses to stay grounded. She will also discuss the power of journal prompts.

MINDFULNESS: 3:00 pm EST, Courtney Hicks: Courtney will discuss Mindfulness and her women's watch line that inspires women through fashion and beauty to recognize the power of their mindset so they're equipped to go after their dreams.

MOMPRENEUR: 4:00 pm EST, Nicole Seawell: Nicole will discuss how she balances being an entrepreneur while being a mom to three boys.


PRODUCTIVITY: 10:00 AM EST, Suze Endean: Suze will introduce you to technology you can use to streamline business processes. You will also learn about utilizing the pomodoro technique and time blocking to have a more productive day.

MOMPRENEUR: 11:00 AM EST, Courtney Hicks: Courtney will discuss balancing life as the owner of her women’s mindset watch collection and being a mom.

OUTSOURCE YOUR WORK: 1:00 pm EST: Sarah Tanner & Laura Clare Somers: Sarah and Laura will teach you how to maximize your Virtual Assistant, what tasks to outsource, how to hold people accountable, systems to use with a Virtual Assistant, and how to be an effective boss.

OUTSOURCE YOUR WORK: 2:00 pm EST, Vanessa Jone: Vanessa will discuss how she can assist you with digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments, managing events, and personal errands.

OUTSOURCE YOUR WORK (MOMPRENEUR EDITION): 3:00 PM EST, Megan Renee Linnell: Megan will discuss her tutoring services. This is ideal for mom’s who want their children to learn and socialize with people outside their household.

OUTSOURCE YOUR WORK: 4:00 PM EST, Sahar Twesigye: Understand how Sahar uses social media platforms such as Pinterest to create brand awareness for her clients.


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